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#11798 by fandtm666
Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:25 am
Error including block 178 in fork { message: 'block hash is not right

i keep getting that error every time i try and solo mine with 8 or 9 selected on windows terminal

processForksQueue returned an error { message: 'fork.includeForkBlock returned an exception',
{ message: 'block hash is not right',
nonce: 5135,
height: 178,
myHash: '00000037a797026a063a3dabe620fc7f54dfa632380f5bbdfc4120cf0b7fc677',
hash: 'ecbb577d736540a0de48b023fcc9facc1c4fbb6bd8aa85cb4bbbb6dfda1e3075',
difficultyTargetPrev: '00000066e99bde973620da2e8eb4bbce474825dd6594be43cbada18fc1fb2b7a',
#11807 by Romeo
Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:35 am
fandtm666 wrote:thanks downloaded and working though mining solo is a waste of time
even when getting 9k hash in pool mining.

Miners are growing, it is becoming more and more difficult to mine.
However with 9k in a good pool you do a decent job.

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