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Description of WebDollar

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 Sun May 06, 2018 2:28 am
WebDollar - Currency of the Internet
WebDollar (WEBD) is a cryptocurrency fully native to the World Wide Web, entirely written in JavaScript, built around the concepts of simplicity, lightness and portability.

WebDollar’s mission is to foster the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

In order to make that vision a reality, we need to address all kinds of users, not just the tech savvy, like most of the other cryptos do. For that, we've created the simplest possible user experience for a cryptocurrency:

• No Installations
• No Downloads
• No account creation or complicated configurations.
• Wallet is safely created automatically and stored locally.

Just visit WebDollar.io and you can start mining directly on the site.

WebDollar uses a Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof of Work (NiPoPoW) consensus mechanism, which means that the verification of the transactions are done without requiring the download of the entire blockchain history from the genesis, but only the hardest proofs and blocks that distinguish attackers from honest nodes (miners) which keep the correct blockchain.

This means that you won’t need to download hundreds of gigs of data to start mining and you can access the blockchain for mining from any device, almost immediately.

These features position WebDollar as a currency for the masses. Indeed, we aim for mass adoption and this is why we designed a WebDollar supply of fine granularity (see specs below).

We have also redesigned mining from the bottom up, introducing the concept of social mining. As a vital function of providing trust, mining was originally intended to be a social deed, supporting the Bitcoin network. This social element was disregarded as mining resources were consolidated and centralized. Through our technology we empower people again, and mining becomes possible for anyone, on any device.

Mining Pool creators are able to incentivize miners to join their pools, by sharing profits fairly with their miners, providing a simple and efficient means to decentralize the pool structure of the blockchain. Our ASIC-resistant and GPU-unfriendly hash function, Argon2d, provides further encouragement to help make mining a social phenomenon and foster mass awareness in the process.

The future of payments and content creator monetization

Our technology, native to the web, offers competitive and scalable transaction speed and reduced confirmation time, making it an ideal payment method for online retailers.

Through our transparent, equitable means of mining on websites, WebDollar offers content creators a fair and profitable way of replacing or complementing ads in exchange for the value they deliver, online.

After the launch of our Mainnet, we will provide powerful off-chain solutions for an anonymity layer, we will introduce support for smart contracts and develop a peer-to-peer marketplace in which goods can be easily bought or sold with WEBD.

More info

For more information about WebDollar’s technology, please read our black and white papers:



Name: WebDollar
Symbol: WEBD
Total supply: 42,000,000,000 (42 Billion) WEBD
Named subunit: WebCent = 0.01 WEBD
Smallest subunit: 0.0001 WEBD

Block time: 40 seconds
Block reward: halving every 3,153,600 blocks (4 years)
Initial block reward: 6000 WEBD
Difficulty: retargets every 10 blocks

Mining Pools: Available
Mining Algorithm: Argon2d
Consensus: 66.6% PoS + 33.3% PoW

Total supply:
The coins will be issued through mining over a 100 year time span, with 9.9% (4.1568 Billion) reserved for WebDollar Genesis.

Emission charts:

Genesis split:
The WEBD reserved from the Genesis will be used for the further development of the technology & ecosystem and to reward the development work done so far. They will be distributed as follows, and released gradually according to the funding needs of the project.
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