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 #11889  by Romeo
 Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:57 am
Dear community,

A new round of bounty has just started (YouTube + Twitter)!

Until now, all participants have been rewarded every time regardless the quality of the content.

As we saw that some users have been publishing low quality videos just to get rewards, we will now have new quality standards in order to reward those who really commit.
As some of the participants took advantage of this and published low-quality or irrelevant content, we will now implement new quality standards in order to reward only participants who work hard and really deserve to be rewarded.

----- Please read carefully the following rules -----

In order to make the campaigns more efficient and to ensure a fair competition climate between the participants, the following rules and measures will be implemented starting with the next bounty round:

1. Score calculation formulas is improved;

2. Only the first two posts per participant will be taken into consideration for each bounty round;

3. Al posts from previous bounty rounds re-published or deleted and republished by participants will be removed from the reward list. It is critical that good quality material remain on social media platforms in order to index and help propagate the WebDollar.

4. All accounts focused on collecting likes and shares will be banned form all future bounty rounds. These type of accounts do not add any value to the project.

5. All posts that do not follow an appropriate title and keywords in the text description will be removed from the reward list;

6. Daily audits will be taken place and posts suspected of buying likes/views/shares will be removed from the reward list;

7. Repeated content on different accounts/channels won't be counted and will be removed.

8. Content with misleading information will be removed from the reward list.

9. Low-quality content will be removed from the bounty list. This type of content includes any kind of screen record of the webdollar.io site or other WebDollar related platforms. This type of content is not considered unique and does not contribute to improving the online presence of WebDollar.
You don't need crazy editing skills or expensive equipment to create decent content.

10. All Bounty rounds will now have a theme, all posts should follow the current theme, all posts not relevant to the current theme will be removed from the reward list.

11. All posts must contain quality images/videos only related to the current theme.

12. All posts must contain at least an original phrase related to the current theme.

13. All posts must contain the official website - WebDollar.io - in description.

14. The theme of each Round will be posted on the Bounties section: https://webdollar.io/bounties

All content not in line with the rules will be removed from our reward list and won't be taken into consideration.

As a conclusion, WebDollar needs good mobilization and quality content that are in line with the quality of WebDollar's project.

Thank you,
WebDollar Team
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