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 #11889  by Romeo
 Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:57 am
Dear community,

A new round of bounty has just started (YouTube + Twitter)!

In the past, without exception, all participants were rewarded every time no matter what they published.

As we saw that some users have been publishing low quality videos just to get rewards, we will now have new quality standards in order to reward those who really commit.

----- Please, read with attention the rules down below -----

In order to make the campaigns more efficient and to ensure a fair competition climate between the participants from now on we will take some measures.

Here are some measures already taken:

1. Improving score calculation formulas;

2. Each participant will be allowed to have a maximum of 2 clips or posts per round; those who make more accounts or publish repeated videos, also from the will be discovered and banned;

3. Those who delete and repost the clips from previous campaigns will be banned. It is critical that the material remains after the campaigns have ended, in order to index and help propagate the WebDollar phenomenon. "Hit and run" is not accepted;

4. There are some Twitter accounts where you post to collect “like + retweet”. Tweets like that will not be accepted as they don't add any value to the project. They will be removed from now on;

5. Clips or posts that do not respect the use of an appropriate title and keywords in the text description will also be removed;

6. During the campaign we will implement other measures;

7. We will audit daily every video and will not accept forced/fake likes or views.

8. Repeated content on different accounts/channels won't be counted and will be removed.

9. Content with wrong or misleading info will be removed and the owners contacted to make the proper corrections and republish with the changes.

10. To ensure that the WebDollar project grows and to reward properly only content creators, we will no longer accept low-effort videos or tweets that do not contribute to the growth of the project, such as, for example, any kind of screen record of the webdollar.io site or other WebDollar related platforms. Instead, all those who create "unique" and well articulated content will be rewarded.

Please, notice that you don't need crazy editing skills to do decent content or expensive equipment, you can, for example, write down a script and go in front of your camera and talk about WebDollar'’ current topic.

11. Last but not least: every Bounty round will now have a theme, all videos and publications should follow it or it won't be valid for the running round.

12. For Twitter clarifications - only quality images / videos on the theme, as original as possible, are accepted.

13. For Twitter clarifications - as a text - at least one original phrase containing the theme of the round.
(do not start with the WEBD address, include the hashtags at the end or in the content - best in the content).
We no longer accept words thrown away and bad quality images / videos! Attract real users! It doesn't help the stuffing / fake users. Before you post anything, analyze carefully!

14. In the description and text (Youtube and Twitter), you must mention the official website https://webdollar.io

The theme of the Round is posted on the Bounties section.

Don't forget to link the theme to WebDollar's project! Have a good content-making round!

All content not complaining with the rules will be removed from our count and won't be taken into consideration.

As a conclusion, to grow WebDollar and to be good for everyone, let's mobilize and do quality content that are in line with the quality of WebDollar's project.

Thank you,
WebDollar Team
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